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Buzz Bunny Charcoal Waterproof
Buzz Bunny Charcoal Waterproof
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Rock Solid Black 2x Donut C Rings Eaches
Rock Solid Black 2x Donut C Rings Eaches


Welcome to Treasure Chest 2!

We have a wide variety of items, such as party favors, lingerie, pheromones, greeting cards, movies ( DVD and Blu Ray ), candles & incense, books, games, high end leather & fetish gear rarely seen in New England or the east coast for that matter,  a large selection of toys for all of us big boys & girls, and a state of the art digital video arcade with 9 private viewing booths, which is a huge draw for couples , singles and even groups !  

We have an extremely knowledgable and friendly staff that will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

So, whether you just turned 18 and want to experience a whole new world, or 81 and ready to try new things, or anyone in between, we’ve got something for everyone!